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AFP-Alaska Urges Murkowski to Support Judge Kavanaugh

Aug 22, 2018 by AFP

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Americans for Prosperity-Alaska (AFP-AK) released a statement Wednesday urging Sen. Murkowski to reflect on the especially harmful impact an activist court would have on Alaska as she considers her support for Judge Kavanaugh. Reports indicate the senator will meet with Judge Kavanaugh Thursday, August 23. Last week, AFP-AK delivered a letter to the Senator Murkowski’s district office outlining how Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment would affect the Last Frontier.

“Alaska needs Sen. Murkowski to support Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court because our way of life depends on it,” said AFP-AK State Director Jeremy Price. “Given that so much of Alaska is federally owned and subject to so many federal rules and regulations, our state would be particularly susceptible to an activist court that, for example, gave undue deference to Washington bureaucrats who stretch the boundaries of what is legally permissible. To avoid this, we need Supreme Court justices who won’t rule based on their personal political beliefs, but will follow the law as written.

“Judge Kavanaugh has demonstrated a commitment to defend the Constitution and is widely respected for his principled approach of judicial restraint. While we commend Sen. Murkowksi for taking a methodical approach towards making this heavy decision, we believe that ultimately, the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh is what’s best for Alaska and what Alaskans want. Senator Murkowski has an excellent record of supporting strong jurists to the Supreme Court—we urge her to continue that trend and support Judge Kavanaugh,” concluded Price.