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Governor Kelly Vetos Expanding Health Care Access for Kansans and Legal Protections for Businesses

May 27, 2020 by AFP

TOPEKA, Kan.  Governor Kelly vetoed House Bill 2054, which included an extension of an executive order that expands telemedicine access for Kansans, as well as COVID-19 liability protections for businesses.

Americans for Prosperity-Kansas State Director Elizabeth Patton issued the following statement:

“It’s disappointing that Governor Kelly would limit the opportunity for Kansans to safely access health care services from the comfort and safety of their homes, as well as fail to protect small businesses that are trying to reopen safely and serve our state.”

“It’s also concerning that the Governor would call another special session, costing taxpayers thousands of dollars, to address her own pet projects. Lawmakers came together to tackle our state’s toughest challenges, a special session is unnecessary.”

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