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End Georgia’s Outdated CON Laws

Since 1979, certificate-of-need (CON) programs in Georgia have restricted the supply of health care by keeping providers from expanding their reach or services without approval from state regulators.

Health care providers have been denied approval to expand care to all corners of the state and reach our most vulnerable patients.

Take a look at some of the vital providers DENIED by these outdated laws

Covid-19 pushed Georgia’s health care system to the brink; now hospitals are closing and patients are losing access to the care they need. As health care prices continue to increase and options for care shrink, we can’t ignore the problem any longer.

More government control over health care only hurts taxpayers and patients who need accessible, affordable options for care. Lawmakers must repeal Georgia’s outdated CON laws to protect families and allow health care to thrive.

Urge lawmakers to repeal outdated CON laws today