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CON Denials in Georgia

Georgia’s outdated certificate-of-need (CON) programs have banned health care providers from expanding critical care to our most vulnerable patients across the state. Health care prices are increasing while access to care is decreasing, demonstrating why we must repeal CON laws and improve Georgia’s health care system.

In August 2022, the executive director of the Augusta Birth Center sued the state in order to challenge the CON laws that prohibited the birth center from opening. Without the birth center, mothers and families have to travel hours to another city if they do not want to give birth in a hospital. This is a prime example of how these outdated CON laws are harming patients and their access to care.

Learn more about CON laws here

Below is a list of providers who have been denied expanding care in the last few years:

You can urge lawmakers to repeal CON laws by taking action today.