AFP-South Carolina Releases 2024 Scorecard, Highlights Success of the Legislative Session

Jul 9, 2024 by AFP

AFP-SC Names Sen. Tom Davis (SD-46) and Rep. Mark Smith (HD-99) Highest Scored Senate and House Members 

COLUMBIA, SC—Today, Americans for Prosperity-South Carolina (AFP-SC) released its 2024 Legislative Scorecard, highlighting state lawmakers’ votes during the past legislative session and thanking top policy champions for their work.

The full scorecard can be found by visiting

AFP-SC Director of Public Affairs, Candace Carroll, released the following statement:

“Our scorecard is an accountability tool to ensure voters know how their elected officials are representing them in office. AFP-SC grades lawmakers’ votes on key issues spanning from education, health care, economic prosperity, and more to bring transparency into the legislative process. 

“While there is still more work to be done during next year’s session to ensure policies that put South Carolina businesses, families, and learners first are accomplished, we are grateful that our legislature fought for freedom and pro-growth reforms this year.”

State Senator Tom Davis (SD-46) released the following statement:

“Americans for Prosperity supports free markets and entrepreneurship by advocating for lower taxes, limited government spending and regulation. It is an honor to receive the highest score in the South Carolina Senate on its 2024 legislative scorecard.”

State Representative Mark Smith (HD-99) released the following statement:

“It is truly an honor to receive the highest rating in the South Carolina House of Representatives during our last legislative session. I couldn’t agree more with Americans for Prosperity’s belief that freedom and opportunity are the keys to unleashing prosperity for all. I will continue to fight for common sense legislation alongside my colleagues in the SC Statehouse that unleashes every opportunity for SC citizens to prosper and thrive.”

The scorecard consists of 21 bills including the following 4 top priorities for AFP-SC during the 2024 legislative session:

  • ESG Pension Protection Act H. 3690:

Under current law, managers of retirement plans are required to base their investment decisions on what will help their clients’ retirement savings grow and make the best possible returns. The Biden administration released guidance that would encourage account managers to ignore those obligations and make investment decisions based on politics and ESG. H. 3690 clarifies that the commission should only consider pecuniary factors when executing their investment strategy.

  • Judicial Merit Selection Commission S. 1046:

S. 1046 will reform the Judicial Merit Selection Commission to increase transparency and accountability for how the state picks judges. It gives the governor and state legislatures more voice in choosing the state’s judges by expanding the membership of the JMSC and reforming their rules to avoid gamesmanship. Recently, Governor McMaster signed this bill into law.

  • Education Scholarship Trust Fund H. 5164:

The purpose of education is to help students discover, develop, and apply their unique abilities regardless of their family income or zip code. H. 5164 would have established education scholarships to be used for a wide array of educational expenses, including tuition for independent schools or public schools outside of a student’s residential school district, tutoring, and educational equipment. Unfortunately, the bill never received a hearing in the Senate Education Committee.

  • Telehealth and Telemedicine Modernization Act H. 4159:

AFP-SC supports a health care system that helps more people access better care at lower costs. H. 4159 allows health care professionals in any state to provide medical services to patients in South Carolina via telehealth, so long as they are licensed to practice health care in South Carolina. This ensures that South Carolinians can have access to the providers of their choice regardless of their ability to travel to that provider.