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AFP-NH Calls out Biden and his Enablers as President Visits Granite State

May 21, 2024 by AFP

Manchester, New Hampshire—President Biden returned to the Granite State Tuesday to continue pushing his failed agenda in Merrimack.

Americans for Prosperity Regional Director Greg Moore issued the following statement as the President arrived in New Hampshire:

“While the President is visiting, he should take note of everything here that’s working. Our economy is thriving and more and more people and employers are moving into our state, drawn by low taxes, economic opportunity and more freedom than any of our neighboring states. But that’s because our state and its lawmakers have rejected ‘Bidenomics’ thinking and embraced policies that promote liberty and growth in what we call the New Hampshire Advantage.

“Unfortunately President Biden, and his enablers like Senator Shaheen and Representative Chris Pappas are willing to undermine our winning state model by insisting on big-government spending, heavy-handed regulation, and restrictive energy policies that are making life more expensive everywhere in the country. We need to let go of these failed strategies and embrace the solutions that are already working for New Hampshire: low taxes, right-sized regulations, and more freedom.”

To mark this visit, AFP-NH is running new ads, reminding Granite Staters that “Bidenomics” is a choice that Rep. Chris Pappas continues to vote for in Congress.