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Utahns Are Holding Their Lawmakers Accountable

May 11, 2018 by AFP

We’ve accomplished so much here in the Beehive state, thanks to our activists and supporters who care about freedom in Utah. Creating a more prosperous Utah means advocating for good fiscal policies that lead to a more prosperous state and holding lawmakers accountable for bad ones. 

Many of our lawmakers are focused on growing our economy, removing barriers to success, and creating an environment where Utahns can build their businesses and provide for their families.  

Many, however, don’t have these same priorities. Each legislative session, some lawmakers are tempted to score political points and push their own agendas rather than watch out for the people they serve. 

AFP Utah is committed to ensuring that doesn’t happen. Our lawmakers have a responsibility to represent and preserve freedom for their constituents. When they don’t look out for our interests, we will hold them accountable for it.  

Our responsibility as Americans is to ensure our government works for us, not the other way around. With the help of tens of thousands of patriots around the state, we’ll make sure lawmakers serve the people of Utah well!