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Tennessee State Capitol

Three huge wins for Tennesseans this legislative session

Jul 8, 2020 by AFP

The Tennessee Legislature finished up session late this year, but thanks to the help of our volunteers and amazing staff so much was accomplished that will help all Tennesseans rise as we build our economy and communities back up.

Here are the three biggest wins from legislative session that are going to create more opportunity for Tennessee:

  1. Hall income tax repeal – Repealing the Hall Tax has helped Tennessee reach a major milestone – upon full repeal on January 1, 2021, no Tennessean will pay a cent in state income tax! This unfair double-taxation scheme targeted retirement savings on dividends and investment income. Repealing the Hall Tax will allow Tennesseans to better prepare for their futures and contribute more to their communities.
  2. Drug-free zone reforms – Over the last few years, Tennessee has made strides to reform our justice system to be smarter on crime and use taxpayer dollars more effectively. Reforming drug-free zone laws accomplishes both those goals, while ensuring our punishment for lower-level drug offenses is fair and just. The legislation will give judges more discretion over drug-related cases and will end up reducing incarceration costs by $18.5 million, giving a massive savings to taxpayers.
  3. Direct medical care access – Health care has been a pressing issue lately, and for good reason. As the coronavirus pandemic progressed, many were, and still are, concerned about their lack of access to timely and affordable health care. In April, Gov. Bill Lee took executive action to provide greater access to care by reducing needless regulations on medical providers. The legislature followed his lead by expanding the Health Care Empowerment Act, helping those without insurance contract directly with any medical professional (even dentists) for services and protecting providers from onerous insurance regulations and red tape. This law will go far to increase access to care, reduce costs, and ease burdensome regulations.

Despite the difficult year 2020 has been, reforms to our tax, justice, and health care systems will allow more Tennesseans to build strong communities and realize their full potential, while living healthy and prosperous lives.

Of course, these wins were made possible by dedicated activists all over the state. Americans for Prosperity – Tennessee supporters spent hours texting, calling, and connecting with other Tennesseans to educate them on our state’s most important issues and how we can leave a better, stronger state for our children. Thank you to all those who volunteered this year!

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