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The Trump Administration Advocates Health Care Openness 

Jan 15, 2019 by AFP

Because of Obamacare’s rising premiums and needlessly restrictive coverage requirements, more and more Americans are finding health care policies that work for them simply out of reach. In response, the Trump administration announced in late 2017 a new approach at both the federal and state levels.

The solution? Competition, choice and openness in the insurance market.

“[The administration] issued guidance that expands the ability of states to reform their individual insurance markets while ensuring that people with pre-existing conditions are protected,” wrote AFP policy manager David Barnes in a Fox News op-ed on Jan. 8.

“This will remove onerous burdens that force the people in those states into one-size-fits-all plans imposed by the federal government, while focusing government support on the most vulnerable.”

So far, among the many reforms the administration has furthered, it has also worked to expand short-term, limited duration insurance plan coverage and open up association health plans to employers and their employees.

“The Trump administration has enjoyed remarkable success in providing greater access to high quality health care at lower cost,” Barnes’ op-ed concluded.

But there are many more exciting reforms on the docket. The Trump administration also recommended several proposals to the states, such as repealing certificate-of-need laws and expanding opportunities for telehealth, among many other ideas.

To learn more about these cost-saving and care-improving proposals, read Barnes’ op-ed here.