Patricia Rucker for State Senate Social Media Toolkit

Sep 16, 2020 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity is excited to support the reelection of Sen. Patricia Rucker because she has a proven track record of prioritizing policies that help all West Virginians. She’s the common sense leader we need in Charleston!

Take Action:

1. Tell your neighbors to lend a hand by signing this letter today!
2. Personally ask 5 of your friends to also sign this letter to support Patricia Rucker this November.
3. Share this letter to get your neighbors to support Patricia Rucker today!

Why are we supporting Patricia Rucker? Click here to find out!

WATCH a short message explaining why Sen. Rucker’s support for cutting unnecessary red tape when it comes to health care is vital to helping Mountaineers have greater access to health care at a lower cost!

Spread the Word!

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Use the sample copy to share on your social media channels:

• Share with your neighbors! Sen. Rucker is the proven leader we need. #RuckerforProsperity

• Senator Patricia Rucker helped lead the effort to expand telehealth, so West Virginians can access the care they need from the comfort of their homes. #RuckerforProsperity

• Senator Patricia Rucker will continue to fight for lower taxes on hard-working West Virginians, and continue to work for greater access to quality, affordable health care for our families! #RuckerforProsperity

• Sen. Patricia Rucker has been a consistent champion of fiscal responsibility and lower taxes that helps keep more money in West Virginians’ pockets. #RuckerforProsperity

• Sen. Patricia Rucker has also shown she’s willing to fight to remove barriers on businesses, jobs, and economic opportunity by supporting efforts to reduce the unnecessary red tape that’s holding individuals back. #RuckerforProsperity

• Senator Rucker represents the kind of principled, common sense leadership that we need to keep in Charleston if we hope to get our state back on a path to prosperity. #RuckerforProsperity

• From leading on efforts to remove barriers to health care innovation that helps our health professionals battling the pandemic to supporting fiscal responsibility, Senator Rucker is not afraid to stick her neck out in support of policies that benefit every West Virginian. #RuckerforProsperity

• Senator Rucker has proven that she is not afraid to take on the special interests who want to keep the failed status quo. #RuckerforProsperity