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Here’s Why We Don’t Need the Nashville Transit Plan

Apr 20, 2018 by AFP

By now you’re aware that the Nashville Transit Improvement Plan is a complete disaster.

The project’s cost is out of control, topping out at $9 billion. That’s nearly twice the original estimate.

On top of the cost, transit systems like the one proposed don’t even accomplish their goals. They contribute to traffic and congestion and are completely unadaptable to changing traffic patterns.

Those should be reasons enough to oppose this plan, BUT in case you need another, we’ve got you covered. The free market can fix the traffic problem itself. We don’t need the government stepping in to “fix” a problem we’re already taking care of by ourselves.

Ride sharing services, food delivery services and the ability to order just about anything you need to your door are all ways we’re moving towards efficiency. And those are all ideas from ordinary people, not bureaucrats and city planners at high costs to the taxpayers.

Consider ridesharing. Multiple services make it easier than ever to get a ride anywhere you need, on demand. It’s generally cheaper and easier than taking a taxi. And because drivers can be adaptable to where riders are and need to go, they are a welcome alternative to public transportation with set routes that can’t change to fit traffic patterns and needs. Arlington, Texas has partnered with a ridesharing service to supplement and replace the commuter bus system. That partnership has led to an incredible 97 percent satisfaction rate from customers and costs a fraction of creating a light rail system.

We know how to decongest traffic and get where we need to go ourselves. We certainly don’t need a solution from the government that costs billions of dollars and won’t even work.

Join the Stop the Train Committee in voting “no” on the Nashville transit plan!