Florida Billboard 4/1/2019

Apr 1, 2019 by AFP

This week in Tallahassee, we saw several of our priorities gain traction. On the criminal justice front, House Bill 589 passed 9-0 vote in Justice Appropriations Committee. This bill increases the theft threshold limit to $1000 from the current $300. A key education policy, HB 7075, also moved forward in the house as it passed in Appropriations.

Health care bills had success as well this week. HB 23 passed the Health and Human Services Committee. This bill encourages telehealth, which enables individuals to contact medical professionals through apps on her phone — no need to drive to a facility. Telemedicine apps can also store medical history and records, and keep track of immunizations. Also, Direct Health Care Agreements, which allows for a direct health plan with a medical facility, passed in the house.

Currently, we are still fighting to expand access to health care for Floridians through certificate-of-need repeal in the Senate. Contact your legislators, and let them know you support making health care accessible and affordable by doing away with unnecessary certificate-of-need laws!

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