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Confirming Carr as FCC Commissioner Is a Win for American Innovation

Jan 4, 2019 by AFP

In a win for the American people and technological innovation, the Senate has confirmed Brendan Carr as a commissioner for the Federal Communications Commission.  With this confirmation, he will serve a full, five-year term.

Americans for Prosperity proudly supported his nomination and is grateful to the senators who lifted the hold on Carr’s nomination.

Carr voted to repeal so-called “net neutrality” regulations in 2017. The following year, he voted in favor of a rule that reduced regulatory burdens associated with deployment of 5G networks. Both issues are key to improving technology, as heavy-handed regulations stifle innovation.

The repeal of so-called “net neutrality” was hotly contested, as those in opposition thought it would change the internet for the worse. Under immense public pressure, Carr stood alongside Chairman Ajit Pai and did the right thing by reclassifying the internet as a Title 1 communications provider. This leaves the internet open to further broadband investment and will improve access for every American.

By voting to reduce regulatory burdens in 5G development, Carr helped streamline the process for building the infrastructure necessary to support the 5G network and clarified that states and cities cannot place exorbitant regulatory fees on construction, modernizing the deployment process.

And that wasn’t the only time Carr voted to protect consumers from unnecessary taxes. Just last month, he voted in a favor of an FCC rule that stopped California from implementing an absurd text message tax.

Carr has been a strong policy champion for the American people and AFP is proud to have supported his nomination.