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Chief Clem sends a message to Washington: Secure the border, now.

May 15, 2024 by AFP

We are living through the worst border crisis in the history of America: Since President Biden took office, we’ve been witnessing 2 million yearly illegal crossings, not to mention an 8 million migrant backlog.

In the words of Retired Border Patrol Chief Chris Clem: “In my 27 years as a border patrol agent, I’ve never seen the border this bad.”

That’s why Chief Clem is partnering with Americans for Prosperity to keep Washington politicians accountable and do something to get control of the border back.

President Biden is not the only Washington politician responsible for the chaos at the border by failing to uphold our laws. Biden has many friends in Congress who also have a share of the blame.

oppose the border wall and other common-sense policies that will make the border safer.

We are not standing idly by as Biden and his pals in Washington sit and do nothing to solve the border.

Unlike many organizations, we don’t just talk about the border crisis. We are doing something to solve it.

We are mobilizing and organizing the most powerful asset in American politics —the American people— to advocate for tangible and common-sense policy solutions that will bring more agents, infrastructure, and new technology to monitor and control the border.

Most Americans agree with us: they want a secure border, and Congress to enact our four pillars for border security and visa reform.

At AFP, we believe America needs:

  • Secure our borders and ports and uphold the rule of law
  • Have transparent and predictable immigration rules and ensure everyone follows them
  • Increase our competitiveness and prevent our rivals from attracting the best minds and take advantage over us
  • Ensure the government is transparent, accountable, and follows due process at the border.

To secure America, we need to secure the border.