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Border crisis poll: Most Americans back these common-sense solutions

May 14, 2024 by AFP

Most Americans are fed up with the unprecedented crisis at our southern border and want Washington to secure our borders. This is according to a recent Americans for Prosperity and Public Opinion Strategies poll.   

It is not hard to see why.  

The numbers speak for themselves. Since President Biden took office, there have been more than 8 million illegal crossings at the southern border, overwhelming law enforcement and small towns.  

This is unacceptable; Americans need a secure border now.  

That’s where our four-pillar strategy comes into play. We want to secure the border and remain economically competitive. 

As Retired Border Patrol Chief (Yuma, AZ) Chris Clem says, “We need tall fences and wide gates to secure the border.” That’s precisely what we aim for—equipping our Border Patrol agents with the necessary tools, simplifying our visa system, and cracking down on illegal entries. 

The good news? An overwhelming 87% of Americans across the political spectrum agree with our common-sense policies.  

Americans want Congress to secure our borders and ports  

The federal government must ensure the safety of all Americans and enforce the rule of law on our border; this should not be up for debate.  

We believe Congress must invest in border security. This means more personnel, better infrastructure, and modern technology. Guess what? Americans overwhelmingly agree with us:  

  • 92% support faster and more thorough inspections at ports of entry 
  • 89% agree we should hire more Border Patrol agents and raise their pay 
  • 67% agree that we should construct more border wall 

Americans agree we need clear and predictable immigration rules  

Our current immigration system is a mess. It’s complicated, slow, and expensive. It benefits migrants who break the law while punishing those who want to come legally.  

We want to streamline our visa system, incentivizing people to come legally, and making it easier to punish those who don’t. Again, most Americans are with us: 

  • 78% agree the U.S. must enact swift penalties for those who overstay their visas  
  • 87% support creating an immigration coordination office to streamline the visa process 
  • 86% think we should create an eligibility guide and seminars for international students looking to work in the U.S. after graduation. 

America must maintain its economic competitiveness.  

Our outdated and inefficient immigration system is pushing top talent toward rivals, like China. The visa backlog and lack of clarity harm our economy and national security.   

We must streamline our immigration laws to attract the best and brightest to come and invest here. Surprise! Most Americans are on the same page: 

  • 90% support making it easier for foreign doctors who finished U.S. medical training to stay in the country 
  • 81% think we should vet individuals working in sensitive areas like engineering faster and more thoroughly.  
  • 74% agree we should create a visa to attract skilled entrepreneurs who want to launch a business venture in the country.  

We need transparency, accountability, and due process  

Americans have a right to know if their government is effectively securing our border and keeping its citizens safe.  

To that end, the government needs to be transparent and forthcoming in its dealings. Yet again, a majority of Americans agree with us: 

  • 90% want monthly data on the number of migrants who appeared on the Terrorist Screening Database 
  • 90% want monthly data on the number of migrants that the government has lost track of. 
  • 87% want monthly data on the number of illegal immigrants who evaded Border Patrol  

The message is clear: Americans want a secure border and a more efficient immigration system that works for them.  

Washington needs to listen to the American people, and voters need to keep politicians who fail to secure our border accountable.