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Celebrate freedom with this gift guide: Gift ideas for every Constitution-loving American!

If you follow me on social media, you know there are a few things I’m passionate about.

  • Alabama football is life. (My condolences to FSU fans).
  • Dressing is not the same as stuffing and does not get the praise and attention it deserves.
  • It’s a Wonderful Life is not just the best Christmas movie – it’s the best movie.
  • And it is unacceptable to play Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

Some may call me a Grinch for that last position, but I’m simply a stickler for ensuring Thanksgiving gets the attention it deserves. And once we get to the day after Thanksgiving, it’s GAME ON!

You can therefore imagine my intrigue when I saw a recent New York Times article titled “Why You Love (or Love to Hate) Christmas Music.”

According to the Times, listening to music can affect our moods – whether listening causes our brain to release a soothing hormone or to release a stress hormone and trigger the brain’s fear center. And the Times noted that Christmas music is particularly powerful “because the holiday season itself is emotionally charged.”

That’s the truth. My wife notes that I have a lot of Clark Griswold (Christmas Vacation) in me. I can be accused of “overdoing” Christmas or at least having expectations that can’t possibly be met. And gift giving is one of those things that can produce anxiety during the holidays, at least for me.

So I thought I’d help. If you’re reading this in need of gift ideas, why not treat your loved ones (or even yourself!) to these gifts that any freedom-loving American would appreciate?

What’d I miss? If you have suggestions for gifts for a First Amendment advocate or civil liberties defender, please let me know by emailing me at

And since Hanukkah started yesterday, I also want to wish my Jewish readers a happy Festival of Lights. May your home be filled with light and joy!

PS: My newsletter last year provided 4 tips on how to keep your holiday table a place for discussion, not argument. Wanted to share it in case you missed it at the time!


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