Americans for Prosperity Minnesota Radio – 9/23/19 – Endless Wars and Worker Freedom for Teachers

Sep 23, 2019 by AFP

National security is the most important function of our government and is the key to safeguarding American prosperity. Will Ruger, vice president of research and policy at the Charles Koch Institute and a veteran of the Afghanistan War, joins the show to discuss how the 18-year war in Afghanistan continues to cost precious lives and is exacerbating our nation’s fiscal crisis. Ruger and host Jason Flohrs then discuss what Congress can do to help put an end to this conflict and prevent our military from engaging in more of these costly, unproductive endless wars.

Then in the second half:

Students and families aren’t the only ones dealing with heading back to school. Catrin Wigfall from the Center of the American Experiment shares how teachers can take advantage of new options in deciding whether or not they want to join a union. Plus – recent test scores show Minnesota students slipping despite billions in new money pumped into the education system. Are we really getting what we pay for?