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Americans for Prosperity-Louisiana Announces Second Wave of Endorsements for the 2023 Primary Election

Aug 24, 2023 by AFP

Baton Rouge, LA—Today, Americans for Prosperity-Louisiana (AFP-LA) announced its second wave of endorsements in the 2023 primary election to be held on October 14, 2023.

Earlier this month, AFP-LA announced its first wave of endorsements which included 7 candidates running in the 2023 primary election.

AFP-LA State Director Scott Simon made the following statement:

“Louisianans deserve leaders who will fight for their freedoms and work hard to expand opportunity for all. We believe these principled candidates will continue their proven records of supporting policies that expand education freedom, lower taxes, and eliminate burdensome regulations that make Louisiana the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

“We know how crucial this election is for the future of Louisiana, and AFP-LA is ready to make a difference. With the help of our thousands of grassroots activists, AFP-LA is more prepared than ever to ensure these policy champions are elected this fall.”

AFP-LA Second Wave Endorsed Candidates:

SD 31 State Rep. Alan Seabaugh

Seabaugh consistently champions fiscal responsibility and has proven himself a valued policy leader on tax and budget matters. He is a strong advocate for lower taxes and has actively supported income, sales, and property tax reductions.

SD 22 State Rep. Blake Miguez

Miguez is a leading voice for economic progress, championing issues including spending and tax. He is a strong leader who also supports education reforms that give Louisianans better opportunities to succeed.

HD 09 State Rep. Dodie Horton

Horton is a leading voice that believes in opportunity and freedom for all Louisianans. She has supported policies that expand economic progress and is in favor of education reforms that promote prosperity for all.

AFP-LA First Wave Endorsed Candidates:

SD 06 State Rep. Rick Edmonds

Edmonds has supported policies that improve the lives of Lousianans and will continue to advocate for education opportunity, lower taxes, smart spending, and domestic energy production. 

HD 43 Josh Carlson

Carlson promises to support education freedom and labor opportunity for Louisiana. He believes that freedom and prosperity are necessary in order for Louisianans to succeed and promises to support policies that empower our students and strengthen our workforce.

HD 56 Councilwoman Beth Billings

Billings supports school choice programs that allow every Louisiana student to succeed. She promises to be a principled partner and support policies that empower Americans with education freedom and opportunity.

HD 71 Roger Wilder

Wilder believes in economic opportunity and promises to be a principled partner in supporting lower taxes, education freedom, and opportunity for the people of Louisiana.

HD 76 Stephanie Berault

Berault is a businesswoman dedicated to serving her community. She supports tax relief for Louisiana families and promises to be a champion for small businesses and economic opportunity for all Louisianans.

HD 89 Kim Carver

Carver is a positive voice for Louisianans, supporting economic progress and education opportunity so that every student has the resources for success. 

HD 104 Jay Galle

Galle promises to be a prominent figure on tax and spending policies, supporting opportunity for Louisianans. Galle is a veteran and recognized community leader that promises to support policies that enhance freedom and opportunity for Louisiana.