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Americans for Prosperity Launches “American Pay Raise” Ad Campaign

Mar 20, 2018 by AFP

Michigan grassroots group urges activists to hold Stabenow accountable for opposing tax reform

LANSING, Mich.—As part of a six-figure nationwide ad buy, Americans for Prosperity-Michigan (AFP-MI) activists are being urged to write Sen. Stabenow to express their disappointment with her “no” vote on federal tax reform efforts and encourage her to do the right thing for Michiganders going forward. Americans for Prosperity launched the grassroots campaign, “American Pay Raise,” on Friday to thank lawmakers who supported the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, hold accountable those who opposed it and urge Congress to protect tax reform benefits that millions of Americans are already experiencing.

“People know that tax reform has been good for Michigan and their personal bottom lines,” said AFP-MI State Director Pete Lund. “Michiganders are rightly disappointed Sen. Stabenow voted against the historic tax reform.  We will hold her accountable for her ‘No’ vote gets that harder to defend with each increased paycheck, bonus, and new job.  We will also be urging her to protect this new law from legislative efforts to undo it and all the benefits it has created.”

The Michigan ad, which will begin running the week of March 19 and will run through Tax Day, April 17, will provide activists an opportunity to send an email to Sen. Stabenow encouraging her to “Please protect tax reform’s benefits for hardworking Americans and support policies that increase economic opportunity.”

The grassroots group is also debuting, which features an interactive map depicting how businesses across the country are investing in workers and communities as a result of the law.

The ad can also be viewed here. More on the entirety of the campaign can be found here.