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Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

A Historic Accomplishment

In December 2017, Congress passed and the president signed historic legislation – the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – that will allow hardworking Americans to keep more of what they earn, simplify compliance, grow the economy, and curb the influence of powerful, well-connected special interests out to rig the system for their personal benefit.

Preserve the American Pay Raise

Americans for Prosperity and our activists worked hard to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. We held more than 100 rallies and events, and helped drive the debate for a better tax code through the media, television and digital ads, and across social media.

But more needs to be done.

To preserve the benefits of tax reform, Congress must:

  • Make permanent all tax cuts due to expire in 2025.
  • Unrig the tax code further and stop handing out billions of dollars in new tax breaks for special interests.
  • Oppose new taxes on hardworking Americans, such as a 25-cents-per-gallon federal gas tax increase.
  • Eliminate burdensome and costly regulations that slow economic growth and reduce opportunities and jobs.

Americans for Prosperity is equipping our grassroots volunteers with the information they need to dispel the myths being told by those seeking to undo the progress made by tax reform and set the record straight on the true benefits of the law.

Read our tax reform Myth vs. Fact sheet.

Tell Congress to Preserve the American Pay Raise

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Higher Wages, Bonuses, New Investments

Since tax reform was enacted, hundreds of companies have announced raises, bonuses, and other benefits that are improving the lives of millions of Americans.

See what’s happening in your state using the map below.

“After eight years of a lackluster economy, we are witnessing a new era of growth in which Americans from every walk of life are finding more money in their pockets to spend or save on things they care about most, all thanks to tax reform. Higher take home pay, more investment at home, and better worker benefits are all part of the great American Pay Raise.” – AFP President Tim Phillips

Tell Congress to Preserve the American Pay Raise

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