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Americans for Prosperity-Alabama Applauds House Committee for Advancing CHOOSE Act, Says Education Freedom One Step Closer

Feb 22, 2024 by AFP

Montgomery, AL–Americans for Prosperity-Alabama (AFP-AL) is applauding Chairman Danny Garrett and Members of the House Ways and Means Education Committee for voting in support of Governor Kay Ivey’s CHOOSE Act, HB129.

AFP-AL State Director, Adam Thompson, made the following statement:

“By creating opportunities for families to make the best decisions in their child’s education, Alabama leaders are recognizing that education isn’t a one-size-fits-all model and learner’s needs should be at the forefront of the discussion.

“It’s encouraging to see strong support for education freedom early on in the session and AFP-AL personally thanks Governor Ivey, Chairman Garrett, and Members of the Committee for prioritizing the needs of families and students.”   


The Creating Hope & Opportunity for Our Students’ Education (CHOOSE) Act would empower families with education options to best support each individual learner by establishing universal Education Savings Accounts (ESAs).

AFP-AL has launched digital resources at in support of the legislation and has testified before multiple committees on the need for education freedom.