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AFP-SC Certificate of Need Repeal Toolkit

Jan 29, 2021 by AFP

Certificate-of-need laws create limits on the number of healthcare facilities in the state, the number of beds in each facility, and the purchase of medical equipment. Ultimately, they reduce the number of patients that can be treated.

It is important South Carolina’s healthcare providers be able to expand capacity as much as is needed.

Use the tools in this digital toolkit to advocate for suspending South Carolina’s certificate of need laws and ensure South Carolinians get the quality health care they need.

Take Action

  1. Sign this letter in just minutes to tell your Lawmakers to fully repeal Certificate Of Need Laws by signing this letter!
  2. Personally ask 10 of your friends to also sign this letter!

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South Carolina urgently needs more medical equipment and hospital beds, but Certificate of Need laws are standing in the way.

END THE CON IN SC! Sign this letter to lawmakers:

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