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AFP-NM Celebrates Right-to-Work Win

Jan 19, 2018 by AFP

AFP-NM Celebrates Right-to-Work Win

Passage of ordinance a true win for New Mexico workers

SANTA FE, N.M. – Americans for Prosperity-New Mexico (AFP-NM) applauded the Sandoval County Commission for passing the local right-to-work ordinance sponsored by Commissioners Dave Heil and Jay Block. AFP-NM has consistently supported right-to-work laws that expand workplace freedom and free employees from being forced to join a union and pay part of their hard-earned paycheck to the organization.

AFP-NM State Director Burly Cain issued the following statement:

“This is a momentous step forward and hopefully the first of many more. The commission’s vote allows hard-working New Mexicans to keep more of their paycheck and better compete in the workforce. Employees should be able to choose whether to join a union – that choice should not be made for them by the government. Federal tax reform has set the stage for sweeping economic growth across the country, but New Mexico won’t be poised to fully capitalize on those reforms if it can’t compete with its neighboring right-to-work states. If New Mexicans are serious about getting ahead, then I encourage leaders across the state to follow the example of Commissioners Heil and Block and pass right-to-work laws that help communities across New Mexico improve their economic competitiveness.”


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