AFP-Kentucky Commends Rep. Proctor for Filing Three CON Repeal Bills   

Jan 10, 2024 by AFP

LEXINGTON, KY – Americans for Prosperity-Kentucky (AFP-KY) applauds Rep. Marianne Proctor (R-Union) for filing three bills to repeal CON on more than a dozen healthcare services. The bills filed yesterday are HB 202, HB 203, and HB 204.

Under CON, healthcare facilities or expansions must receive permission from the Kentucky Cabinet of Health and Family Services to begin development. While CON laws were meant to keep healthcare costs under control by artificially limiting the supply of services, decades of data show that CON has directly resulted in more expensive, less available, and lower quality healthcare. 

The bills would also change the strict no-appeal procedures for the state’s review of CON applications, allowing applicants to have further hearings if they are denied. These laws would chip away at the number of services that would fall under CON and allow Kentuckians more choices and freedom in healthcare.  

AFP-KY State Director Heather LeMire released the following statement:

“Rep. Marianne Proctor’s legislation is a critical first step to the full repeal of CON. We applaud her commitment to empowering Kentuckians with more personalized healthcare options at prices they can afford.  

“The full repeal of CON is critical for our state. Kentucky has some of the most restrictive CON laws in the country, and today’s filings are key in the extensive fight for Kentuckians’ healthcare freedom. Not only is CON an entirely detrimental practice, but the current CON application review process with no appeal is arduous and unconstitutional. 

“The CON repeal bills filed today will chip away at the copious number of services that fall under CON, ultimately helping to provide the flexibility that our trusted medical providers deserve while allowing for more high-quality healthcare access at a more affordable cost for every Kentuckian.”