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AFP-Kansas Releases Response to Governor Kelly’s Plans to Expand Medicaid

Dec 14, 2023 by AFP

Wichita, KS—The fact remains that expanding Medicaid impedes care options to the most vulnerable in our society—making it harder for rural care providers and those in need from receiving the help they require. That’s why Kansas was among the ten states who opposed expanding the program.

However, Governor Laura Kelly is doubling down on this broken system rather than applying commonsense reforms that protect the most vulnerable Kansans.

Americans for Prosperity-Kansas (AFP-KS) State Director, Elizabeth Patton, released the following statement:

“Coverage does not equal care and only about 20% of Medicaid expansion funds go to actual healthcare; the majority of the taxpayer dollars go straight to bureaucracy and insurance. Allocating Medicaid funds to able-bodied adults in Kansas means diverting resources away from disabled individuals, pregnant mothers, and children living in poverty.

“Expanding Medicaid only squeezes out those who need care the most. We hope that Governor Kelly realizes that perpetuating a failed program instead of protecting it for the most vulnerable is not the right answer. Kansans can see solutions for better choices at”

To read an op-ed by Patton on this plan, CLICK HERE.