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AFP-SD, Voters Reject Tax Hike and Intrusive Tribunal

Nov 7, 2018 by AFP

–South Dakotans reject two flawed ballot measures on this year’s ballot—

SIOUX FALLS, SD—Americans for Prosperity-South Dakota (AFP-SD) applauded voters for rejecting higher taxes and the creation of an unaccountable fourth branch of government. Through its partnership with the “W is Wrong” and “South Dakotans Against Higher Taxes” coalitions, AFP-SD reached nearly 97,000 voters to educate them about the perils of both ballot measures across the state.

AFP-SD State Director Don Haggar issued the following statement:

“Alongside our coalition partners, our activists are proud of these important victories for South Dakota. We are pleased to see that South Dakotans resoundingly rejected the unwarranted tax increase and the creation of an intrusive, unaccountable tribunal with nearly unlimited powers to interfere in the lives of our hardworking public servants.”


In September, Americans for Prosperity-South Dakota announced its partnership with both the South Dakotans Against Higher Taxes and W is Wrong coalitions.

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