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Americans for Prosperity Issues Statement on Education Freedom Act Lawsuit

Jun 9, 2021 by AFP

LOUISVILLE, KY — Americans for Prosperity-Kentucky (AFP-KY) released a statement on a recent lawsuit filed against the Education Freedom Act (HB 563), previously supported by the grassroots organization.

HB 563, which passed last session in March, will not only give low- and middle-income students educational opportunities, it will create open enrollment policies so all students can attend the public school that best serves their unique needs.

AFP-KY State Director Michael Conway released the following statement:

“HB 563 was a great win for families across Kentucky and our activists were enthused to support its passage. The lawsuit filed this week is an attempt to take educational opportunity away from Kentucky families. While we feel this lawsuit will rightfully fail, parents and students are ultimately the ones who suffer with this type of unfortunate effort to stifle bottom up, family centered solutions.”