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AFP-NH Issues Key Vote Alert for House Bill 365

Sep 17, 2019 by AFP

Dear Representative:

On behalf of Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire activists, I urge you to oppose overriding the Governor’s veto on House Bill 365, relative to net energy metering limits for customer generators when it is voted on this week in the House.  This vote may be recorded in our 2019 session legislative scorecard.

HB 365 would increase electricity rates by requiring distributors to purchase power from net metered customers at highly above market rates.  This would make New Hampshire less competitive to attract and retain employer – particularly in the high-paying manufacturing sector – and place an additional burden on low- and fixed-income individuals across New Hampshire, who would have to shoulder the cost of higher electric bills.

  • New Hampshire already has the 6th highest electricity rates in the nation, and the 4th highest in the Continental US, according the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • By raising the cap in the bill (from one to five megawatts), this legislation is no longer targeting small-scale producers, but now allowing commercial generators to participate in net metering.
  • This bill would force distributors to purchase power from these generators at a price of five times or greater that than other generators, creating an inequitable, two-tiered marketplace.
  • By forcing distributors to purchase this above market electricity from these generators and allowing those costs to be passed along, consumer electric rates will rise significantly.

It is for these reasons that we ask that you oppose the passage of this legislation.


Greg Moore
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire