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Congressman Andy Ogles shares his ideas for improving the American economy and removing barriers to the American Dream

Rep. Andy Ogles shares his vision for improving America’s economy

Jul 27, 2023 by AFP

In a recent Congress Conversation, Americans for Prosperity interviewed Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles about his work. He’s part of the Financial Services Committee, where they talk about rules and who gets to be the speaker. He believes every person on the committee should get a say.

Vision 2023: A bold plan for lower taxes and less government control

Ogles thinks the committee did a great job in their first few months. They’ve passed new rules and helped create laws. Their goal, in Ogles’ words, is: “They want to fix, save, and change America to what our founding fathers intended.”

As a former state director with the organization, He’s excited about AFP’s 2023 plan to promote cutting taxes, having less government control, and making it easier for people to start businesses.

He talked about how important it is that Trump’s tax cuts don’t expire, because the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act allows families and individuals to keep more of their money.

Ogles said, “The more money that we can keep at home and out of [Washington] D.C., the better off we are as a country, as individuals, and as families.”

Addressing big banking issues and navigating the debt ceiling

There are many things in the U.S. that need fixing, and Ogles knows that talking with state and federal lawmakers is key to solving these problems.

He discussed the recent troubles with big banks in California and New York. He blamed the problems on bad management:

“What you had was three banks that were poorly managed, and they created liabilities and exposures to the markets,” Ogles said. “When interest rates changed, these banks were now short on cash, cash that they could readily give to you the customer, if you wanted your money back, which they’re required to be able to have on hand.”

At the time of this conversation, he shared his worries about the details of the debt ceiling deal. He didn’t think it would save as much money as it promised, which is why he voted against it:

“The problem that I see with this package is that some of the savings that are in there I don’t think will be realized because they’re target spending numbers, the PAYGO provision, which is a pay as you go provision for the executive branch, can be waived.”

Ogles said that to lower inflation and interest rates, we need to fix the process of getting permission for projects like pipelines and become independent in terms of energy.

“Whether it’s a pipeline expansion or infrastructure expansion, those are important, and it removes some of the regulatory [nonsense] that gets in the way of infrastructure. The future to getting inflation down, interest rates back down is going to be tied to energy independence and we can’t be relying on our enemies for natural resources.”

Don’t miss out on Congressman Andy Ogles’ dynamic vision for America. Tune into our exclusive interview and dive into his insights.