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Support Tax Reform for Nebraska

Deliver real tax reform leading to the relief that our state needs!

Nebraska’s families, businesses, farmers and ranchers deserve tax relief. For too long, our broken tax code has inhibited economic growth and opportunity. By broadening the base, lowering the rate, eliminating the inheritance tax, and adjusting our school funding formula we can lessen the tax burden and provide real, long-term relief that Nebraskans need and deserve.

Nebraskans deserve tax reform that will put more money in their pockets and help attract more businesses to set up shop in our state.


  • Move towards equitable and transparent funding for K-12 – helping schools rely less on property taxes for funding.
  • Remove exemptions and lower the sales tax rate – helping low-income families and communities that are disproportionately hurt by high sales taxes.
  • Eliminate the brackets and lower the corporate and state income tax rates – making our state a more attractive place for businesses and families.
  • Phase out business incentives – the government should not be in the practice of picking winners and losers. We can divert this money to other critical priorities, like K-12, which would help lower schools’ reliance on property taxes.
  • Enact a Truth in Taxation Act– increasing transparency of how taxpayer dollars are spent and ensuring elected officials are good stewards of taxpayer dollars.