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Stop The Handouts

Special-Interest Tax Breaks Are Preventing Real Tax Reform In Georgia

Second only to South Carolina, Georgia has the highest top marginal income tax rate among its neighbors at six percent. Your hard-earned tax dollars should be treated with the same respect by government as you treat them. Our government should always be looking for ways to operate more efficiently and effectively, as well end wasteful programs, so that Georgians can keep more of their hard-earned money.

It’s time to reduce taxes on all Georgians. During the 2017 legislative session, both the House and the Senate passed versions of House Bill 329, which would have reduced the top rate from the current 6 percent. But leaders in both chambers could not find a compromise to send to the governor’s desk.

While this effort at lowering taxes on all Georgians failed, several egregious examples of corporate handouts of taxpayer dollars passed either one or both chambers and became law. While there have been several other bills introduced or passed this year and in the last few years, these four highlight the absurdity of the cronyist approach to tax policy and economic growth. Some Georgia lawmakers voted to give tax carve-outs to certain individuals and industries in the state, to the tune of more than $350 million over the next five years.

These funds should have been used to cut the taxes of all Georgians, not just those with political connections. People working just to make ends meet can’t afford to own a yacht, or a music studio, or a video game production company. These bills give special treatment to a well-connected few. If you agree that all Georgians deserve a tax cut, not just those who can afford a lobbyist, please let your Senator and Representative know.

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