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Wind Catcher Blows Away in Oklahoma

Jul 27, 2018 by AFP

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.— Americans for Prosperity-Oklahoma (AFP-OK), the state’s largest free-market advocacy group, on Friday released a statement after the Public Service Company of Oklahoma have decided to pull the plug on the controversial Wind Catcher project.

“We welcome today’s news that American Electric Power and Public Service Company have decided to pull the plug on the controversial Wind Catcher project. The project was a boondoggle from the beginning. Several key officials rightfully expressed concern for the process and the lack of communication as the project progressed. Thousands of activists and landowners from across Oklahoma spoke out against this project. Whether because of the cost, the impact to their property or the future impact to ratepayers, they were vocal in opposition to the project and their efforts were invaluable to help kill the project.

We would also like to applaud Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter’s leadership in questioning the process from the outset. His oversight and efforts to protect consumers were an integral part of protecting consumers from the inevitable failures of this project.”

AFP-OK was the most vocal organization against the controversial project. The group sent a letter to commissioners asking they listen to the concerns of Oklahomans and not rush to a decision without fully examining all aspects of the project.