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Up For Reelection, Governor Evers Is Now Apparently Concerned About Taxpayer Relief

Jan 28, 2022 by AFP

The so-called surplus” is only a surplus because of the unprecedented, ONE-TIME $58 billion federal covid aid

Gov. Evers has proposed billions in tax increases during his term

Gov. Evers criticized Legislative Republicans when they proposed the largest income tax cut in the state’s history before he eventually signed it

Now, in an election year, Gov. Evers tries to take credit for the tax cut and pretends he wants to do more

Now, instead of cutting taxes further, he wants to give a temporary $150 to Wisconsinites and to increase government spending 

State government spending has increased dramatically in the last ten years; taxpayer money should go back to taxpayers through permanent tax reform, not an election-year gimmick

Madison, WI – The John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy and Americans For Prosperity-Wisconsin urged caution as Governor Tony Evers put out a press release detailing his plans to spend part of the state’s recently announced $3.81 billion surplus. Governor Evers’ plan includes spending $1.7 billion on a one time $150 “refund” for every Wisconsinite and yet another increase in spending on government programs.

“While it is good news that state government has a surplus, the Wisconsin taxpayer needs to be weary of politicians making grandiose promises during an election year,” said Brett Healy, President of the MacIver Institute. “While we believe it is better to return money to the taxpayers instead of letting it be spent by Madison bureaucrats, this plan does not provide the lasting, meaningful tax relief that hardworking Wisconsinites deserve.”

“It’s ironic that Governor Evers is once again taking credit for the Legislature’s efforts to cut taxes and rein in spending, after he has proposed massive tax hikes and increases in government spending in both of his budgets. Wisconsinites know Governor Evers is a tax-and-spend politician, and won’t fall for this election year gimmick,” said Eric Bott,  State Director for Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin. “It’s even more ironic that Governor Evers cites rising inflation in his proposal, when he continues to support the inflation-driving spending policies in Washington, D.C.”

Bott continued, “Instead of using this one-time money to provide temporary and fleeting relief, we should have a conversation about genuine and substantial tax reform that will transform Wisconsin and leap-frog us ahead of our midwestern neighbors.”

“Let’s use this opportunity to make long-term structural tax changes that actually shrink the size and scope of government. Let’s pursue true tax reform that lets taxpayers keep more of their money from the start, when they earn it, not just when there is a temporary surplus in an election year,” said Healy.