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Senator Scott Demonstrates Fiscal Responsibility, Rejects Omnibus, Spending Package

Dec 22, 2020 by AFP

Tallahassee, FL – Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL) today commended Senator Scott for voting against the $2.3 trillion Omnibus and COVID spending package.

AFP-FL State Director Skylar Zander issued the following statement:

“Washington’s broken budget process has been on full display recently, forcing lawmakers to vote on a 5,000-page bill with the ink not even dry. We thank Senator Scott for rejecting this package that contains billions of dollars in spending unrelated to COVID and reads more like a Christmas wish list for special interests.”

“Although lawmakers did not include a bailout to state governments whose finances were a mess years before COVID, combining a government funding bill with COVID relief once again shows Washington’s disdain for fiscal responsibility. Spending taxpayers’ money may be easy for politicians, but it’s not what will stop the virus and get our economy booming once again. We urge Congress to reject calls for further reckless spending in 2021.”