Sen. Cramer Joins AFP’s Prosperity Is Possible Tour in Scranton

Aug 29, 2023 by AFP

SCRANTON, ND — Yesterday, Senator Kevin Cramer joined Americans for Prosperity to tour a boneyard of the canceled Keystone XL Pipeline in Scranton.

America’s energy boom (much of it centered in this area) made our nation energy independent until the Biden administration’s overregulation slowed it to a crawl. Important projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline were shut down, putting a stranglehold on energy production and distribution in North America. Now, we beg unfriendly nations to supply us with the energy we need instead of producing it ourselves.

 AFP-North Dakota State Director Kim Koppelman and retired North Dakota Speaker of the House released the following statement after the event:

“Projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline would help unleash American energy independence and create thousands more jobs, nationwide and right here in North Dakota. But the Biden administration has demonstrated that it would rather rely on foreign sources—many of them our enemies—for our energy needs.  Sadly, the President saw to it that the Keystone Pipeline was halted on his first day in office.

“We thank Senator Cramer for highlighting this important issue and for his work to restore North Dakota’s place as a powerhouse of American energy.”


  • At the time of its closure, the Keystone Pipeline was under construction and employed more than 1,500 workers.
  • Prosperity is Possible is a movement dedicated to improving government accountability and changing American policies to unleash American prosperity. Learn more HERE.