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Secure Borders, Secure America: 87% of Americans favor AFP’s Four Pillars on Immigration and Border Security

Apr 29, 2024 by AFP

Arlington, VA – In a recent national online poll conducted by Americans for Prosperity (AFP) in partnership with Public Opinion Strategies, registered voters expressed a strong preference for congressional action on border security and immigration reform. The survey, conducted between April 8th and 11th, of 1,000 registered voters, sheds light on the priorities and sentiments of the American electorate.

Among key findings, the survey highlighted that 57% of Americans believe that border reform is more important than anything else Congress could address today. Data shows that a clear majority want stronger border enforcement, to incentivize people to come the right way, and reforms that make our economy more competitive.

The survey suggests that Americans want Congress to take urgent action on commonsense fixes, including constructing more border wall, improving conditions for border patrol agents, and increasing security personnel.

AFP has proposed a framework for future immigration proposals based on our Four Pillars on Border Security and Visa Reform, which would secure our border and ports, increase American competitiveness within the global economy, establish clear and predictable rules for our immigration system, and increase government transparency and accountability. The survey found that 69% of Americans say that a candidate supporting the Four Pillars approach is more likely to have their vote.

“The survey shows that 87% of Americans favor a Four Pillars approach to addressing border security and visa reform”, said Miranda Melvin, Federal Strategist Director for AFP.

To secure our border and ports, 92% of voters support faster and more thorough inspections at ports. 89% support hiring more Border Patrol agents and raising their pay, 85% want more civilian personnel to monitor asylum seekers, so Border Patrol agents can focus on securing the border. And 67% want to complete construction of a border wall.

Data also shows enormous support for the three other pillars. To increase American competitiveness, 90% support making it easier for foreign doctors who completed their training in the US to stay in the country, and 81% want to increase the speed and thoroughness of the vetting process for individuals working in sensitive fields like engineering.

In support of clear and predictable rules for our immigration system, 87% want to create an immigration coordination office to assist visa applicants and 89% want to automatically detain and remove migrants who commit felonies. And to achieve transparency, 90% want the government to release monthly data on the number of immigrants who appeared on the Terrorist Screening Database, as well as those that DHS has lost track of within the United States.

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