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New Seven-Figure Campaign Urges Permitting Reform as Solution to Lower Costs 

May 7, 2024 by AFP

AFP to Highlight How Prosperity is Possible with Affordable Energy

Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity today announced a seven-figure awareness campaign urging permitting reform as a key solution to unleash energy abundance and lower costs for all Americans. The campaign featuring connected TV and digital ads will highlight how prosperity is possible with affordable energy and will call for reforms to unleash energy abundance.

Under the Bidenomics agenda, energy is more expensive than ever—and it’s making the American dream unaffordable. Over the next four weeks, Americans for Prosperity will be raising awareness of permitting reform as a key solution that increases energy production and makes life more affordable. The campaign will feature ads in the key Senate states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Montana. The ads will air as part of ‘Prosperity is Possible’, a sustained effort to change the way Americans think about tackling our biggest economic challenges.

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AFP Regulatory Policy Fellow Marc Marie said: 

“Americans are living through a once-in-a-generation cost-of-living crisis as Bidenomics makes it more expensive to drive, work, and heat your home. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking summer or winter, government control over energy projects is stifling development of affordable energy and making it more expensive to keep yourself cool or warm. It’s time for a better way. We are calling on Americans to reject the defeatist status quo and join a movement for more. Prosperity is possible in our country if we remove energy permitting barriers and start delivering more energy today.”

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AFP’s campaign spotlighting permitting reform comes at a time when the Biden Administration’s energy policies have hit Americans hard, from the pump to the workplace to the home. Under President Biden, energy costs have risen 36.9% and the average household is paying $11,400 more per year just to maintain the same quality of life.

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