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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

New Poll by AFP-NE Shows Overwhelming Opposition to Governor’s Tax Plan

Apr 2, 2024 by AFP

Lincoln, NE – A new poll commissioned by Americans for Prosperity – Nebraska (AFP-NE) shows that 71 percent of Nebraskans oppose the new legislation backed by Governor Jim Pillen. The tax package would amount to the highest tax increase in state history and make Nebraska into one of the most-taxed states in the nation.

The poll highlights the stark contrast between the plan’s popularity among some state senators and its growing unpopularity among taxpayers. A previous AFP-NE poll found that 70 percent of respondents opposed a hypothetical sales tax increase of 36 percent. Now even more people oppose an increase just half as large (18 percent) as it stands in the draft legislation.

AFP-NE State Director John Gage gave the following statement: 

“This tax hike bill is a disaster for taxpayers. The leaders in government backing this bill could not be further out of line with Nebraska voters. Failure to backtrack this tax hike legislation will result in lawmakers learning the hard way in November what happens when you ignore the voters who you are elected to serve.” 

The poll also found: 

  1. Seven out of 10 property owners, who would see their land taxes go down under the plan, also oppose the bill, with 50 percent saying they strongly oppose it.
  2. Most voters (61 percent) have heard of the Governor’s tax plan. Of those who have heard about it in the news, 7 out of 10 oppose the plan with over 50 percent strongly opposing the plan.
  3. 84 percent of respondents want legislators to come up with a new plan for next year instead, despite lawmakers’ claims that the public wants immediate action regardless of the cost.