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New Ads: AFP Hits Biden as Weak on Border Security

May 21, 2024 by AFP

DENVER, CO – This week, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) launched a new seven-figure digital ad campaign entitled “Secure Borders, Secure America,” calling on Joe Biden and Congress to end the border crisis.

The ads will run across the state for three months and hit Biden and his democratic colleagues, like Yadira Caraveo, for continually voting against securing the southern border. The ads feature Chris Clem, a retired Chief Border Patrol Agent of the Yuma Sector who advises AFP on border security and immigration policy.

Additional ads will target key members in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Montana, Nevada and Ohio.

CLICK HERE to watch the ad.

AFP-Colorado State Director Jesse Mallory released the following statement:

“The failure of Biden and his fellow Democrats to secure the border has pushed our resources to the brink, contributing to a crisis at the southern border. Agents are understaffed and in need of increased technology – and yet members like Caraveo continue to vote against policies that would strengthen American border security.

“Without border security, every town becomes a border town, every state becomes a border state. It’s time for Coloradans to urge leaders in Washington to secure the border and secure America.”


AFP has been consistently calling for more border agents, more walls, and more surveillance technology all along our southern border. In parallel with the launch of the new ads, AFP is launching its new webpage, Secure Borders, Secure America, which will share information and upcoming initiatives addressing border security and immigration reform. CLICK HERE to access AFP’s new webpage.