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Molly Kelly Tells Granite Staters She Wants to Raise Taxes

Nov 1, 2018 by AFP

Tax and spend policies would halt economic growth grassroots group says

CONCORD, N.H. – Following tonight’s debate between Governor Chris Sununu and Molly Kelly, Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire (AFP-NH) State Director Greg Moore released the following statement:

“Despite trying to walk back her proposal to raise taxes on small businesses, Molly Kelly clearly told Granite Staters tonight she is still in favor of increasing taxes on employers. Tax relief has ignited our economy and we have been seeing record-breaking gains month after month in workforce growth. Why would we want to stop this growth by raising taxes?

“Growing government on the backs of hard-working taxpayers is not what Granite Staters are looking for. The New Hampshire Advantage has been built upon our low-tax status. Molly Kelly needs to stop and realize her tax and spend policies will undermine this.”


AFP-NH has been the state’s leading grassroots advocate for business tax relief. Starting in 2014, AFP-NH’s sister organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation, issued a study that raised the issue of New Hampshire’s high business taxes. In 2015, AFP-NH helped lead efforts to override Governor Hassan’s veto of tax cuts.

Business tax cuts have led to more jobs and resulted in the state receiving record-high revenues.

Read Greg Moore’s op-ed here on tax relief leading to job growth for the Granite State.