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MA Tax, Unconstitutional Regulation Punishes Granite State Workers

Oct 16, 2020 by AFP

CONCORD, NH – Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today commended Governor Chris Sununu for directing the New Hampshire Department of Justice to file a lawsuit in the US Supreme Court opposing the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Rulings and Regulations Bureau from changing the manner in which out-of-state residents owe income taxes when their employer is based in Massachusetts.

AFP-NH State Director Greg Moore issued the following statement:

“Forcing Granite Staters to pay Massachusetts’ income tax is taxation without representation. We thank Governor Sununu for standing up for New Hampshire workers and helping prevent the state of Massachusetts from trying to balance their budget on the backs of Granite Staters.

“Good tax policy mandates that wherever you physically work is where you should be taxed, which is why so many people move to our state. Yet, this regulation ignores how New Hampshire workers followed COVID-19 protocols and helped keep the Bay State safe during this public health crisis by not commuting to Massachusetts. We look forward to this case being resolved and we hope the Supreme Court overrules this unconstitutional regulation.”


AFP-NH Testifies to Oppose Massachusetts Tax Change, 8/27/20