Lawmakers Fail Utah Students as Hope Scholarship Fails to Get Votes on House Floor

Mar 2, 2022 by AFP

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—This week Utah’s House of Representatives voted on the Hope Scholarship Program (HB331). The education bill failed 22-53—a disappointing outcome to Utah’s families and students.

The Hope Scholarship would have allowed families to direct education dollars to tuition, homeschool, online learning, or tutoring to meet their child’s individual learning needs.

“The outcome of the Hope Scholarship bill is greatly disappointing to Utah families and students stuck in a one-size-fits-all education system. Although Utah has a top public education system, families need choices and the power to build the individualized education model they need for their child, whether that’s public school, private school, a hybrid model, homeschool, or something else,” said State Director for Americans for Prosperity-Utah, Heather Andrews. She added, “It’s unfortunate that Governor Cox was so outspoken about his opposition towards a bill that has widespread support from families across Utah, undoubtedly affecting its success in the legislature, but we are thankful to leaders Rep. Pierucci, Rep. Schultz and Rep. Moss for their unwavering support of this bill and encourage all of Utah’s elected officials to follow suit, so more students in Utah can discover and apply their unique potential.”