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Johnson Calls Time Out on Washington’s Year-End Spending Spree

Nov 13, 2023 by AFP

AFP Urges Congress to Pass Interim Spending Bill

ARLINGTON, VA—Americans for Prosperity’s Chief Government Affairs Officer Brent Gardner released the following statement today on the continuing resolution proposed by Speaker Mike Johnson:

“Speaker Johnson is calling a time out on Washington’s year-end spending bonanza, and we encourage all members to support the interim bill on the table. The bill averts a shutdown, takes Congress’ holiday spending spree off the table, and gives Americans the transparency they deserve when it comes to more debt-financed emergency spending.  

“Our nation’s debt is out of control and the high price of Bidenomics is crushing American families. We urge members to avoid a damaging government shutdown and get to work delivering for the American people with serious provisions to secure our border, rein in spending, and fix our broken budget process.

“While the resolution on the table avoids an immediate shutdown, Congress needs to enact reforms to prevent this from occurring again. Passing the Prevent Government Shutdowns Act and forming a debt commission are two immediate steps Congress can take to stop these recurring shutdown scenarios and return our budget process to regular order.

“Congress was due to wrap up its Fiscal Year 2024 appropriations in August. It’s time for a better way. We urge members to end this dysfunctional shutdown cycle and change the way Washington does business.”