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E-sports: Where economics and student growth collide

E-sports: Where economics and student growth collide

Feb 3, 2023 by AFP

However surprising it may sound, the cross section between economic growth for our state and personal growth for our children lies in video games.

In fact, this “Talk Business” op-ed co-written by Americans for Prosperity’s Jackson Acuff will have you questioning why e-sports has ever been viewed as a time suck with limited redeemable qualities.

The article points out that “players not only grow in self-confidence as they improve a skill, but they also learn to work well in a diverse team environment.”

Additionally, for students uninterested in traditional sports, e-sports also come with the opportunity for education scholarships. Colleges offered $16 million worth of these scholarships before the pandemic.

Moreover, the rise of e-sports among students and adults alike offers unique economic opportunities for states like Arkansas.

“Imagine the impact a large sellout tournament would have on Little Rock or Fayetteville — not only for the event organizers, but for restaurants, hotels, and other businesses that would be involved in myriad ways,” the op-ed explains.

Embracing e-sports would help Arkansas' economy grow, too, argues Jackson Acuff in a new op-ed. Read more.

To learn more about the growth of e-sports and the positive impacts it offers to our children and our communities, read the full article here.