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ICYMI: AFP-WI Event: Black Empowerment & Politics

Nov 17, 2023 by AFP

Milwaukee, Wisconsin—On Thursday evening, Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin (AFP-WI) hosted a policy forum on economic issues affecting the community and lead discussion on how individuals can get involved, demand change, and fight for better policies that promote freedom and prosperity.

About 20 local Milwaukeeans from all different backgrounds, political parties, and walks of life were in attendance last night to participate in the discussion on how to achieve better for our community and for generations to come.

AFP-WI Supervisor of Grassroots Operations Jamiroquan Kittler commented on the event:

“Last night’s event was an awesome example of how coming together to talk about challenges we face can lead to formative discussions on how to overcome them. People in Milwaukee, throughout Wisconsin, and even across the country, are feeling the burn from overbearing government regulations and spending that’s costing Milwaukeeans an arm and a leg just to support their families. 

“Regardless of political party, we can all agree that something must be done to change direction. Last night’s discussion aimed to educate people on how to demand change and left people feeling empowered to take action in their communities, join the political process and demand better policy solutions that allow everyone to live out their American dream.”