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Digital Privacy Protection Needed for 21st Century

Feb 12, 2020 by AFP

Grassroots group urges lawmakers to support digital privacy bill that protects 4th Amendment rights of citizens’ digital information

CONCORD, NH – Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today urged lawmakers to support House Bill 1236, legislation that updates Granite Staters digital privacy protections for the 21st century.

Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire (AFP-NH) State Director Greg Moore issued the following statement:

“Our state’s privacy protections should keep up with our ever-increasing digitized lifestyle. This bill protects the Fourth Amendment rights of Granite Staters by ensuring the government must obtain a warrant to access digital information from citizens. We urge lawmakers to take this important step to protect our digital privacy.”


Recently, the United States Supreme Court issued its opinion in Carpenter v. U.S., recognizing that digital data being passed through and held by a third party does not diminish an individual’s expectation of privacy. However, the ruling was limited – pertaining only to cell phone location information. House Bill 1236 is the logical and necessary next step to protecting a reasonable expectation of privacy for every Granite Stater.

In 2018, Granite Staters approved a constitutional amendment with 81% percent approval that adds a right to privacy to the state constitution.