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BREAKING: Americans for Prosperity–Kansas Responds to Governor Kelly’s Tax Veto

Jan 26, 2024 by AFP

TOPEKA, KS—Today, Americans for Prosperity-Kansas (AFP-KS) called out Governor Laura Kelly’s missed opportunity to deliver taxpayers economic relief by simplifying the state’s tax code with a single-rate plan.

AFP-KS State Director, Elizabeth Patton, issued the following statement:

Too many Kansans have been subject to failing, inflationary policies at the highest levels of government. Our legislative leaders prioritized every single hardworking Kansan in crafting HB 2284 with income, property, social security and grocery sales tax relief. Governor Kelly’s veto of this bill and 20 other tax reduction bills is making the burden on families even worse

“It’s a shame that the governor is more than willing to give herself a pay raise yet prevent taxpayers – who fund her salary – from enjoying the same financial boost. We have more than $3 billion in state coffers and 1.6 billion in the rainy-day fund; why continue to squeeze Kansas taxpayers?”

To read AFP-KS’ poll finding overwhelming support for the single-rate tax plan, CLICK HERE.