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Biden Failing to Lead on Border Security Immigration Solutions

May 9, 2023 by AFP

President must work with House to pass border security measures

Arlington, VA – This Thursday, May 11th, Title 42, the pandemic era measure which allows CBP to bypass standard removal procedures to quickly expel individuals who have entered the country illegally, will expire. The crisis at the US-Mexico border continues to be critical with overwhelming crossings between ports of entry, record apprehensions and a lack of Border Patrol resources and personnel.

Brent Gardner, Chief Government Affairs Officer for Americans for Prosperity and Jose Mallea, Chief Executive Officer for The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement: 

“While on the campaign trail, President Biden repeatedly promised to work with Congress towards real reforms. As the border crisis worsens, President Biden continues to ignore this critical issue and is failing to engage with House Republicans as they work on border security measures. The border has been a complete mess since the start of his administration. He has done next to nothing to advance a long-term solution. Meanwhile, everyday the crisis gets worse. The president must take the next step and work with House Republicans toward advancing a solution that addresses this emergency.

“Our nation needs an all-of-the-above border-security strategy: walls in strategic locations, better infrastructure, modernized technology, and personnel increases. Instituting ‘last-in-first-out’ during migration surges to ensure timely and proper consideration of asylum claims, and completing all credible fear interviews within 72 hours would serve to dissuade weak or frivolous claims and, by extension, streamline the overburdened asylum system.” 

Key border security solutions: 

  • Increase staffing of asylum officers and Border Patrol processing coordinators so that those with weak asylum claims will be quickly deported.
  • Prioritize the adjudication of new asylum cases during surges to avoid further inflating the immigration court backlog and delaying final decisions.
  • Authorize 3-year pilot programs to streamline asylum screenings and adjudications.
  • Improve DHS coordination with local governments to reduce burdens on local communities.
  • Increase pay for all positions, including a mandatory minimum 14% increase for journeyman positions, to increase officer satisfaction and retention.
  • Build appropriate technological and tactical infrastructure, including a 700-mile-long border highway, and eradicate obstructive flora to better monitor the border.
  • Erect cost-effective physical barriers where practicable to facilitate apprehension of border crossers.
  • Create a reserve fund and plan for requesting and disbursing interagency personnel to combat higher than average border surges.