Amidst Rising Deficits, AFP Urges Lawmakers to Work Together to Avoid Looming Debt Crisis

Oct 29, 2019 by AFP

Arlington, Va. – The Washington Post reported today that the government’s budget deficit rose to $984 billion in 2019, a $205 billion increase from 2018, despite continued economic growth and higher revenues. Americans for Prosperity has consistently called for lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to work together on a solution to rein in spending to meaningfully address America’s skyrocketing national debt.

AFP Senior Policy Fellow Alison Acosta Winters issued the following statement:

“When the economy is growing and revenues are up, our deficits should shrink – not soar. We didn’t get to this point because taxes are too low, we got here because spending is too high. Leaders from both parties need to stop looking the other way and start working together to steer us away from smashing head-on into this predictable and avoidable debt crisis.”


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