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Americans for Prosperity Reacts to Gov. Wolf’s Budget Address

Feb 6, 2018 by AFP

Harrisburg, Pa. – Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania (AFP-PA) State Director Beth Anne Mumford on Tuesday released the following statement in response to Governor Tom Wolf’s budget address, in which he called for $1 billion in new spending:

“Gov. Wolf should have given his budget address in Punxsutawney because it was like Groundhog Day, with Pennsylvanians reliving the same budget battle for the last four years – patched-together budgets, higher taxes, and overregulation.  It’s time for Gov. Wolf to recognize throwing more money at dysfunctional programs only rewards bad policymaking and accelerates our trend toward fiscal ruin. Fiscal profligacy is the core driver of higher taxes that leave Pennsylvanians with less money and fewer opportunities to invest at home and in their communities.

Instead of implementing a severance tax that will drive up electricity rates and hamper the growth of one of our most dynamic industries, lawmakers should work to pass regulatory reforms that will improve the state’s regulatory culture and free businesses to grow and thrive.

Instead of throwing money at public education, lawmakers should pursue reforms that tie a kid’s education to his or her needs, not zip code. Every child has different needs, talents, and educational hurdles, and Pennsylvania should provide educational opportunities that work for all students and their families.

Citizens of the Commonwealth bailout Harrisburg spending year after year, and the failure to consider cuts to taxes or spending show little regard for taxpayers who continue to tighten their belts at home. Pennsylvania has so much potential, but only until lawmakers reject the tax-and-spend, regulatory policies of old to pursue long-term reforms will Pennsylvanians truly be poised to achieve our promise.”

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